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PartyWorks Interactive

We are the nation’s leading turnkey special events company, specializing in interactive entertainment since 1987! The corporation was founded by Eric Elkaim (award winning member of the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA.), and is currently based in the city of South El Monte, California.

For over 20 years, PartyWorks Interactive has been at the forefront of new concepts, ideas, and technologies within the industry. It has dedicated itself to bringing premium rides, games, entertainment, and attractions to your special events, and takes pride in having the greatest in-house staff in the industry. Each associate has been hand picked for his or her people skills, dedication to hard work, and conscientiousness towards the client’s needs and wants.

The corporation’s success has been built and established upon one fundamental point—Service! We are fully knowledgeable of our client’s needs and expectations, and as such, we leave nothing to chance as to the quality of a performance or event. Both performers and crew personnel have strict guidelines and protocol by which they must abide and adhere to when working with clients and the public. This includes attire (uniforms), language (no fraternization or profanity before and after an event), a “No Drugs or Alcohol” policy (zero tolerance), and good communication before and after a performance.

PartyWorks Interactive goes the extra mile when it comes to service. It has been our experience that it is our service that sets us apart from our competition. When you use PartyWorks Interactive, you’re not just renting equipment or contracting out services, but are hiring an experienced team that ensures your event runs smoothly. We do not consider our clients as just mere patrons, but as friends and family members for whom we excel to do our very best.

PartyWorks’ Philosophy

Thank you for taking the time to look at our latest entertainment offerings. Inside our site you will find lots of products guaranteed to provide you and your guests with the maximum in fun and entertainment for your special events.

While it may be our outstanding products that brought you to us, it is our goal that our high quality and great customer service keep you coming back! That’s because we won’t settle for being just another supplier, but will strive to be a valuable partner to help you create exciting and memorable events — the kinds of events your attendees will remember for years to come.

In the more than 15 years that PartyWorks has been in business, we’ve developed systems, knowledge, and relationships that make us a leader in the entertainment industry. It is our desire to share that expertise with you and to bring our cutting-edge concepts to your events!

So, for first-rate entertainment, planning, and service at your next event, call PartyWorks at 1-888-527-2789. Remember, we are a fully insured vendor with the equipment and experienced staff to manage any situation.